TBI Blogs: 10 Ways You Can Play a Role in Stopping Child Labour Today

Schooling seen as solution to child labour Friday, 3 September As children head back to school, UNICEF has embarked on a nation initiative to combat child labour with pilot programmes aimed at providing schooling to millions of children presently forced to work full time.

Providing Cash Incentives to Send their Children to School Todaro and Smith pointed out that offering cash incentives to parents to send their children to school in developing countries will help to reduce child labor.

Work to promote awareness of child labor among citizens and consumers in developed countries, and among families and communities in developing countries where children are at risk, has proven to be an important part of the solution.
Child Labor is “work that is mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful to children or interferes with their education. It is work, therefore, that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity.”.
Solutions for Child Labor in Sri Lanka. For the context of Sri Lanka, to solve the problem of child labor the main focus should be on education and to ensure that poor students stay in school without dropping out and engaging in child labor activities. According to ILO (b), education is the way that can prevent child laborers working full-time.
Origin and Causes of Child Labour and its Possible Solutions. Introduction. Children are the gifts; they are the precious gifts presented by Almighty God to human .
Child Labor. Today, more than a quarter of the world’s slaves are children. These children are forced to commit commercial sex acts, forced into a system of domestic servitude or employed in occupations that are mentally, physically, socially and morally harmful.
Child labour

Child labour refers to the use of children as a source of labour while depriving them of their fundamental rights in the process. Such rights include the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, attend school regularly, have peace of mind, and live a dignified life.

The NGOs also have a big role to play in this regard. Various NGOs are working for the cause of child labour. MVF in Andhra Pradesh is a striking example.

They have been working for the welfare of children in various respects. Compulsory education can help eradicating the problem of child labour up to a large extent. Statistics also show that education has helped in reducing child labour in Western Countries up to a large extent. Most importantly the incidence of child labour would diminish considerably even in the force of poverty, if there are no parties willing to exploit them.

Strict implementation of child labour laws and practical and healthy authorities to replace this evil can a go long way to solve this problem of child labour. Along with this, participation of the common educated citizens in the process of eliminating child labour can help out a lot.

As common people also, we can help the poor uneducated children in getting at least some idea about the alphabets also! As a student of law, we can at least make the downtrodden aware of the needs of formal education system and the cause of elimination of child labour so as to provide those helpless children a chance to enhance their capacities to the fullest extent possible and enable them to contribute their best for making this world a better place to live in.

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At current rates, more than million children will still be trapped in child labour by Child labour spans various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, quarrying and mining, and domestic service. Often, it is hidden from the public eye. For example, the estimated Child labour is the combined product of many factors, such as poverty, social norms condoning it, lack of decent work opportunities for adults and adolescents, migration, and emergencies.

Child labour reinforces intergenerational cycles of poverty, undermines national economies and impedes achieving progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. It is not only a cause, but also a consequence of social inequities reinforced by discrimination.

Children from indigenous groups or lower castes are more likely to drop out of school to work. Migrant children are also vulnerable to hidden and illicit labour. Child labour is preventable, not inevitable. To support the achievement of Target 8. Generally, online predators and individuals looking to profit from the sex trade pick children that have certain insecurities and vulnerabilities — someone they can manipulate and dominate.

It is through this manipulation and domination that traffickers are able to continuously sell and profit from the children. The standard price for sex at a brothel in the U. Typically, trafficked children see customers a day. Abuse and indoctrination, mixed with alcohol and drug addiction, enable traffickers to enslave these children for years. Children still face challenges even when they reach out for help, escape or are rescued.

Some survivors of child sex trafficking are, at first, arrested and treated as delinquents. In some cases and in many cultures, children — particularly girls — that have been sexually violated are no longer accepted in their families or communities because they are seen as tainted.

Child sexual slavery and trafficking are connected to other forms of slavery.

Child labor is something that is distinguished from labor per se. Child labor is work that is done by children. Given below are the solutions to prevent or stop child labor. Solution Of Child Labour India has the largest number of children employed than any other country in the vip7fps.tking to the government of India, million children in the 6- 14 age group do not go to school and are engaged in some occupation or other% of the children work in hazardous conditions. Help to stop child labor by doing one thing on this list. An estimated million children are forced to work in factories, fields, and brothels all over the world. Help .

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